Trusted carpet dealers

The world of oriental carpets is wide and there are a lot of dealer in the world. How you, my customers, will find your dealer, whom you can trust, so that you know certainly to get, what is promised?

On this page I will post about carpet dealers, whom I trust and whom I for this reason would like to introduce to you.

Enjoy the tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance of highest hand-knotting art.

Hereke silken rug "Mihrab with Nazar Boncuk"

Hereke silken rug "Mihrab with Nazar Boncuk"


5 Responses to “Trusted carpet dealers”

  1. Straus Dias Says:

    Dear Ms. Calderin, I am interested in the Last Supper rug. Could you tell me what is the cost?


    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Thanks for your request, Mr. Straus.

      Please send me an e-mail at hesika(at)gmail(dot)com with the following datas I would need to be able to make you a qualified offer.

      1. The size and knot density as well as the used material of the wished rug
      2. The full name, postal address and phone number (landline).

      I whish you a great day.

      Solveigh Calderin

  2. Everlene Smith Says:

    I’m in need of some help i have a picture of The Last Supper and its made out of carpet. I can’t find any one who can tell me exactly what i have. I have seen pictures of The Last Supper but never one made out of carpet. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreicated.
    I can upload a picture of it if you would like

  3. Everlene Smith Says:

    Mrs.Calderin, I have in my possession a picture of The Last Supper and its is made out of carpet. I have been trying to find out about this piece of unusal piece of art because I have never seen a picture made out of carpet of The Last Supper. Is there a way you could give me some kind of help to find out exactly what i have. If there is a way for me too up load a picture of it i will be glad to do so if you have any time in your busy schedule to take a look at it for me it would be greatly appreciated. My facebook is you can find me on facebook my full name is Everlene Smith and if you happen too look for me you will see me standing beside another lady but i’m the one with the pink dress on. Thank You for your time.

    Everlene Smith

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Hallo Mrs. Smith,

      thanks for your comment.

      it is not possible to give you a secure certificate from fotos. You find a picture of a genuine Hereke silken rug with the motif of the “Last Supper” here on my blog in the article: “Christian Motives on Turkish Hereke Carpets”.

      Unfortunately I could not find your profile on Facebook.

      In the case the information on my blog are not enough, feel free to write an e-mail at info(at)hereke-carpets(dot)com.


      Solveigh Calderin

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