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#Hereke silken rug – wall-haning – “Hunting Scene”

July 4, 2011

This Hereke silken rug – wall-haning – shows a scene of huntings like it was common in the Ottoman Empire.

Enjoy the tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance of Turkish hand-knotting art.

8 211,00 € incl 19 % German VAT
Delivery within two weeks after receipt of payment

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“Hunting Scene”
Hereke silken rug
“Hunting Scene”8 211,00 € incl 19 % VAT
Delivery within two weeks after receipt of payment

26 x 37 cm (0,1 m²)

Knot density:
20 x 20
= 400 knots/cm²
= 400,00 knots in this rug

After Fatih (The Conquedor) Sultan Mehmet II. conquered Constantinople (today Istanbul) in 1453, the Ottoman Empire experienced its Golden Age.

The succeeding Sultans Bayezid II, Yavuz (The Star) Selim I and Kanuni (The Law-Giver) Suleyman I, who in Europe was called “The Magnificent” could sustain this Golden Age. Following this link you will get here some more information about the history of Istanbul.

The borders of the Ottoman Empire reached over three continents and even Java and the Sumatra Islands in the Far East of Asia appertained to the Ottoman Empire.



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