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#Hereke Carpets – Tradition, Beauty, #Luxury and Elegance on Squidoo

June 30, 2011

In this lens I tell about the Hereke silken rugs and carpets, the used silk, their durability and history.

Of course, you can buy them on my website. You find links there on this lens.

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Hereke Carpets – Tradition, Beauty, Luxury and Elegance

“How many times Mona Lisa has been copied? But nevertheless people are in a queue to take a look at the original.” – Louis Armstrong

It is my desire to give the genuine Hereke Carpets the place in the world due to them. For this reason I created with my website the place to purchase your Hereke Carpet securely and without fear to be cheated. This I ensure with my name.

I wish you undiluted pleasure enjoying the tradition, beatuy, luxury and elegance of the genuine Hereke Carpets.

About Silk and Silk Carpets

A lot of people think, a silk carpet or rug is not for using everyday.

There are a lot of people, who tell that a silk carpet can be used only for watching on the wall.

Booth is not (always) true.

People, who talk things like this to its customer may talk about a rug, which is produced with silk only in knots and the warp and weft are of cotton or wool. It also can be that the used silk is not the filament silk (what is the best), but the Staple fibre silk or worst, the Bourette silk. Further it could be that the carpets are knotted with the single persian knot in poor quality. Those silk rugs, of course, are not very durable and you can only watch them on the wall.

The durability of Hereke Silk Carpets

Aside from the characteristics of silk the high knot density and the double Turkish knots are cause for the durability of the Hereke Silk Carpets.

Why the kind of knots are so important?

If you already bought a carpet, it could be you astonished, why cleaning the carpet it leaves some or a lot of piles. The reason for that are both, the used and the quality of knots. The more piles a carpet leaves, the poorer is the quality of the knots and/or the less is the knot density.

Hereke Silk Carpets – The flying carpets exist!

A funny video, what shows the proverbial durability of the Hereke Silk Carpets




The Current Online Catalogue: Hereke silken rugs

May 1, 2011

I just uploaded the current online catalogue of fine and finest Hereke silken rugs, which are available at Hereke Carpets – the safe place to buy your genuine Hereke rug or carpet at a fair price.

Come back often as it will be changed regularly.

Enjoy the tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance of turkish hand-knotting art without any regret.

I deliver more than one million Turkish double knots per square meter.

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