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More than a school in Nairobi’s slums

May 18, 2010

How we all together create our better future

In my blog “The Ecademy-Connection” I wrote about the way to the beautiful co-operation with Artkids.

Tamara Voorn’s and Hans Anneveld’s Artkids launched together with Roger Molera’s “Wings of Mercy” the Kenyan Project.

Oilpainting after a drawing of a Child: Village

The aim of this project is to help Kenyan childs living in the slums of Nairobi to understand that they for theirselves by having fun and joy are able to change their living circumstances and to build their better future through their creativity:

The drawings of the childs inspire Tamara Voorn to the wonderful oil paintings of the Kenyan Project. From the  profit of each sold painting goes a part into the shool project of Roger Molera’s “Wings of Mercy” who uses the money to purchase school utensils for the childs or to pay the teachers.

“Wings of Mercy” writes on their website:

“The people we are working with do not want handouts or quick fixes. They do not want to be charity cases and pitied. They have goals and dreams and aspirations for their children and just need some help in getting started. A small amount of money can enable someone to start their own business and therefore provide the means to move out of poeverty and towards better health.”

Together we want to build a whole school:

While “Wings of Mercy” co-ordinates and leads the project, the childs participate with their drawings, Artkids turns them into oil paintings, Hereke Carpets turns them into genuine Herek silken Carpets. Artkids as well as Hereke Carpets give a part of the profit into the Nariobi Slums School project.

Kenyan pupils of the Kenyan Project

You, our customer, receive an unique artwork, what you will enjoy for your whole life and which will be enjoyed even by your grandchilds and in this way you have helped childs in Nairobi very direct to get a good education, what helps them to come out of the Slums. The childs have not the feeling to get an handout, they feel being respected and estimated – and they learn that they with their creativity and beauty made this possible.

"Farmer's woman" - the original drawing of a child in Nairobi

The oil painting "Farmer's woman" after the drawing

What do you think, for these childs could be impossible in their life after this experience in their childhood?

genuine Hereke silken rug after an oil painting: Still Life

For your understanding: By purchasing one Hereke silken Carpet after a drawing of Artkids’ Kenyan Gallery you have financed a school desk for the childs, who created the drawings. In this way, we all together: The Childs in Nairobi, “Wings of Mercy” in Nairobi, Kenya, Artkids in Netherlands, Hereke Carpets in Germany and you, our international customers, together build a school in Nairobi.

I deeply believe that we all together achieve it.

Our co-operation, which leads to the better future for Nairobi's childs

We need you, our customer, to reach the goal to build a school in Nairobi’s slums.

Pupils in a school in Nairobi's slums

I’m very proud and grateful that “Wings of Mercy” and Artkids allow me – and you – to participate in this way to create our all better future.

Because Artkids is involved in many other projects to help childs, from all other Hereke silken Carpets knotted after Artkids’ paintings goes a part of the profit in one of these projects.


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