#Hereke silken rug – wall-hanging – “Mihrabs”

ach mosque on our earth is covered with carpets, which display prayer niches – Mihrabs. These Mihrabs in the carpets repeat the niche in the wall of a mosque indicating the direction of prayer (kibla) and are in line with their direction. Each believer takes place on one of this Mihrabs to pray there…

Amplify’d from www.hereke-carpets.com
Hereke silken rug
“Mihrabs”1 500,00 € incl 19 % VAT
Delivery within two weeks after receipt of payment

24 x 37 cm (0,09 m²)

Knot density:
12 x 12
= 144 knots/cm²
= 129,600 knots in this rug

Read more at www.hereke-carpets.com


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