My customer saved 7,500 Euro purchasing a #Hereke rug

Before the holiday season of 2010 started, I wrote my blog “Purchase genuine Hereke silken Carpets during holidays in Turkey?”

Before this blog and since then I could save many customers thousands Euro by advise them about the offered rugs.

Mostly me ask people, who are or were for holidays in Turkey and now have doubts whether the rug was the money worth they paid or should pay.

So it was this time as well, but I asked my customer to allow to publish their thank-you mail. The customer confirmed wirting it was their desire that as much people as possible were warned…

What happened?

It’s always the same procedure:

People come for holidays to Turkey. One part of their (fully organised) holidays is – of course – the visit of a carpet manufacture or fabric. Them is showed the process of producing a carpet, what is very interesting. Often already in this part are told stories about poor women in the mountains, who would earn their money with carpet knotting and would not earn any cent, when tourists would not purchase them…

After this the tourists are led in a room, where every tourist (or couple) get “their” salesman. They get a glas of tea – and then they are “persuaded” to purchase a rug. During this procedure are also offered “Hereke silken rugs”. When the tourists do not have enough money to pay the requested price at once, them is offered to make a pre-pay and the rest they could transfer from their home…

These rugs are often (not always) fakes, and often they are sold to much higher prices than the rugs are worth… I even have seen machine made rugs, which were sold as “Hereke rugs”… That in my eyes is criminal… But with such betraying behavior the profit is very, very high as the example of my customer shows… If one complaines, it doesn’t matter… The next plane brings the next clueless tourists, 30 million were expected in 2010…

My customer asked me through my contact form on my website for the price of one of the genuine Hereke silken rugs I show there, but in another knot density and from another manufacture than the one I’m dealing with..

Hereke siken rug "Tree of Life"; Size: 39 x 56 cm; Knot desnity: 15 x 15 (appr. 2,250,000 Turkish Double knots/m² = 225 knots/cm²); Price on request:


I answered that I was not able to name the price of another manufacture and/or dealer, because I would not know their calculation nor their pattern, but nevertheless I named my price for the rug on my website.

At January 14, 2011 I received following e-mail from my customer:

Thank-you e-mail of my customer

The text of the e-mail:

Dear Ms Solveigh Calderin,

I thank you for your letters.

Now the rugs finally reached their destination.

Thanks to your efforts the company Ürgüp Halicilik A.S. agreed to reduce the price
of the rugs at 50 %.

After I realised the actual market value of the rugs, I complained to the tour operator.

The travel company answered that it was not responsible for this. Nevertheless my letter along with an accompainying letter was sent to the company Halicilik.

As a result I got some phone calls from Turkey. A reversal transfer of my prepayment was not possible, but I could cut the price for both rugs from 15,000 Euro to 7,500 Euro.

Once more cordial thanks
and many greetings from Bavaria

It is always a good feeling to help people to save their money and to make it for betrayers a little bit more difficult.

To give my customers a safe place to purchase their genuine Hereke Carpet and to get what is promised to a fair price – that is the reason for my website, my blogs and my presence in the world wide web.

I deliver more than one million Turkisch double knots per square meter.

It is my heart’s desire to ensure that my customers enjoy light-heartedly the tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance of the high Turkish hand-knotting art.

Ottoman Coat of Arms

Ottoman Coat of Arms, hand-knotted in pure natural silk. Also your coat of arm could look like this.


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