Why it should be a genuine #Hereke rug

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If you need just a carpet or rug, please do NOT buy an Hereke. If you just like to take a souvenir from Turkey, please do NOT purchase an Hereke.

In the first case go to IKEA or any else carpet dealer and purchase, what suits your home and gusto.

In the secound case, purchase a Kilim, they are very beautiful, colourful and much less expensive than a genuine Hereke. If you are betrayed it does not hurt you a lot and you still have a colourful souvenir from Turkey.

If you are looking for a rug, which is unique in the whole world – then a genuine Hereke silken rug or carpet may be the right choice for you. If you are looking to embellish your home with an luxury eye-catcher – a genuine Hereke silken rug may be the absolutely right choice for you.

But why an Hereke and not an Ishfahan, Ghom or any other Persian or Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese or Chinese rug, which are also very beautiful and which you also can get in pure silk?

Just, because an Ishfahan is an Ishfahan and not an Hereke.

Of course, it is a question of taste, so the question remains: Why an Hereke?

For their value, what is raising over the years? Maybe.

For their uniqueness? Maybe.

For their perfect knotting art? Maybe.

For their perfect display of patterns? Maybe.

For their harmony of colours and patterns? Maybe.

Hereke silken rug "Birds of Paradise"

Hereke silken rug "Birds of Paradise"; Size: 40 x 57 cm; Material: silk on silk; Knot Density: 12 x 12 (appr. 1,440,000 Turkish Double knots/m²); Price on request at info(at)hereke-carpets(dot)com

First of all you should be touched by them. If you feel your heart beating faster whatching them, if you are jumping up by seeing an Hereke or a special design of it, if you feel their magic and you can not take away your eye from them, if they suck all your attention, if you are fascinated by them – then you surely should get one… I even think, in this case you have no choice… you HAVE to get one…

If you feel something like this, you are caught by them, you will go around the whole world wide web and around the carpet dealers, you will travel to Turkey to find YOUR Hereke. Maybe it finds YOU. That’s the best way of all…

What will you get purchasing a genuine Hereke?

You get an actual masterpiece of perfect hand knotting art. You will enjoy the play of colours in different lights, the lot of details, wich you find bit by bit and you will learn that your Hereke is another one every time you look at him, you always will find a new detail you did not noticed before. Your Hereke will be a never ending journey. You will have a conversation with it, what starts between you and the genuine Hereke even before you bought it…

This magic of the genuine Hereke silken rugs I felt, when I first came in thouch with them, what is now about six years ago and this magic is the reason, why I turned my passion into my busines, why I would like to satisfy you with your desire for a genuine Hereke rug and why I have the desire to give the world their tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance…

Hereke silken rug "Birds of Paradise"

A detail of the above shown genuine Hereke silken rug "Birds of Paradise"


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2 Responses to “Why it should be a genuine #Hereke rug”

  1. Paul Says:

    I have one Hereke K&G (12 x 12)
    Size 70 x 54.38
    Number 1 – 12690
    I can email you the photo. Can you appraise that for me ?

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