What Hereke Carpets have to do with Rolex watches?

Seemingly nothing:

Hereke Silk Carpet Mihrab with Nazar Boncuk

Or still have?

Replica Rolex

China Hereke

Each famous brand is copied – and of course also Rolex and Hereke.

I think that the genuine pieces benefit from the replicas and those as well from the original brands. If it is in this way, it should not be prohibited to manufacture and sell replicas. And this is not in this case, if they are labeled as replicas:

If that doesn’t happen, it is fraud:

(With that example I’m some astonished at the believing of this gentlemen to be able to get a genuine Rolex for just US$ 500!?)

Will Rolex and Hereke go under, because there are such a lot of replicas in the world? Will less genuine pieces be purchased for that reason?

No. Who likes to own a genuine Rolex or a genuine Hereke, knows that they are delivered always with a verifiable certificate of the producer and that they have their price. “Extra cheap” doesn’t count here… Also the reputation of the genuine Rolex Watches and the genuine Hereke Carpets and of all the other distinguished brands are not lost by the lower quality of the replicas, because already the Old Chineses knew:  “Who purchases cheap, purchases expensive…”

“How many times Mona Lisa has been copied? But nevertheless the people are in a queue to watch the original” – Louis Armstrong

Are replicas advertising vehicle for its originals?

Would you purchase a replica or the original?


5 Responses to “What Hereke Carpets have to do with Rolex watches?”

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    […] I even have seen machine made rugs, which were sold as “Hereke rugs”… That in my eyes is criminal… But with such betraying behavior the profit is very, very high as the example of my customer […]

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  3. Anonymous Says:

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  4. Alton Katzenberg Says:

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