Hereke Carpets

Tradition, Beauty, Luxury and EleganceMy dream is to spread the tradition, beauty, luxury and elegance of the genuine Hereke Carpets in the world and to ensure you to get, what is promised.

That’s the reason for creating with my website the safe place for you to buy your genuine Hereke rug at a fair price – fakes at moon-prices you can get elsewhere.

I deliver more than one million Turkish double knots per square meter.

A genuine Hereke Carpet is more than just some Turkish Double knots, which display colourful and beautiful patterns.

The genuine Hereke silken Carpets are the finest and one of the most valuable silken carpets in our world. They have to be hand knotted in Hereke, the small town near Istanbul in Turkey, to be called “genuine”. Hereke silken rugs are an awesome beautiful long-term investment and they are highly requested collector’s items all over the world.

Detail of the Hereke silken rug "Mihrab with Nazar Boncuk"

Detail of the Hereke silken rug "Mihrab with Nazar Boncuk"

Travelling to Istanbul and Hereke, where these masterpieces of handknotting art are manufactured, I’m proud to having established a direct contact to one of the most renowned manufactures there. On my website you will find usefull information about the genuine Hereke silken Carpets and I invite you to choose and purchase one of these masterpieces of hand-knotting art for you, no matter, where you are, no matter at what time you will decide to choose one from the fine sample collection of genuine Hereke silken Carpets. If you can’t find the pattern you are looking for, just ask. It will be a pleasure for me to be of your assistance.

Due to my direct connection to the manufacture it is possible to allow to knot personalised patterns for you like coat of arms, emblems, fotos or paintings. Please get in touch with me for further information.

Enjoy the Tradition, Beauty, Luxury and Elegance.

Ottoman Coat of Arms knotted in pure silk. Your own coat of arms could look like this.

Ottoman Coat of Arms knotted in pure silk. Your own coat of arms could look like this.

31 Responses to “Hereke Carpets”

  1. Ben Says:

    I had a day with mr Erhan Or NEVER to be forgotten. Do you know of a “blog” for novices to learn more about the Hereke silk carpets?

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Do you know of a “blog” for novices to learn more about the Hereke silk carpets?

      You are reading one of them. Maybe google shows you any more blogs with valuable information around these marvellous and famous silken rugs.

      Erhan Ör is a perfect professional. He is member of a family with generations lasting experience. More than with him, you will not learn anywhere.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Hello, I have a beautiful Hereke Silk Last Supper carpet from Turkey that I would like to sell. Would you or anyone you know be interested?
    Thank you

  3. Hadya Says:

    I will try find such an expert
    thank you very much

  4. Hadya Says:

    Thank you again for your advice. For the time being,Except you I do not know any one who knows about hereke carpet.if possible I would like to send you some photo of my carpet and I would like to know your personal opinion about my carpet.
    Please tell me how I can send you the carpet photos?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Read my comments once more, please, Hadya.

      It’s not possible to prove a rug just from fotos. I repeat my advice: Go to a reliable expert in your homeland, which you find asking insurances and/or courts. Such an expert is able to prove your rug and to tell you, whether it’s genuine or not.

      Best regards

  5. Hadya Says:

    Thank you for you immediate answer.
    Now I got by mail “genuine Hereke carpet certificate” with 2 serial number for my carpet but I think it is fake.How can I verify the serial numbers?
    Now I live in Egypt,what type of carpet expert I may ask to check my carpet? Is he said that my carpet is not a genuine one,what I can do after that?
    thanks again

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      1. If their are two serial numbers, this could be actually a genuine Hereke rug one.
      2. I described before, what kind of expert I would recommend. How you can find such one in Egypt, I don’t know, since am not living in Egypt.
      3. Such an expert surely also will advise you, what was the best to do, IF your rug isn’t a genuine one.

  6. Hadya Says:

    During my visit to Turkey I have bought a 26cmX28cm carpet which is thought to be original “Hereke” but after reading your blog “fake Hereke carpet” I think it is fake.”Hereke” is not written but the same name “korkhan” in arabic letters shown in your blog and many missed knotes.
    Do you think it is a fake one?.
    I send the carpet picture to shop where I bought it and asked “Is this an original Hereke”?. And all what they did is to stick the picture I send on picture of “original Hereke Certificate”issued by Hereke association and send it back to me saying “It is original”!!
    How can I verify is it an original “Hereke” carpet ?
    Thank you

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      As far as I know, Mr. Korhan is a member of the Hereke Carpet Weavers association. But it’s also clearly that fakers use everything to betray people.

      To be completely sure, whether your rug is a genuine Hereke one or not, I would advise you to ask an expert, who is approved by courts and insurances. Such an expert has all opportunities to prove your rug.

      Hope, I could help you and I whish you all the best with your rug.


  7. Abbas Marafie Says:

    I am interested in Turkish carpets and I have some silk here’re carpet,would like to about age and the value of one fo them. Iwill send the pics if it’s ok with you.

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Thanks for your trust in me.
      It was better you would show your rugs an expert near you, who is publicly appointed and sworn, or who is allowed to make expertises for tribunals and insurances.
      It is not possible to make such an expertise just from fotos.
      Best regards

  8. Christmas Rugs Says:

    It’s nice to see that quality handcrafted rugs are still available these days. Do you have any pictures of Hereke carpets with a holiday theme?

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Surely I can’t offer anything like you offer on your Squidoo article, but finally this is also a “holiday theme?”

      Whish you a successfull holiday season!

  9. Rigault Says:

    Dear Ms Calderin
    I am trying to contact you but your website and email seem to be down. I al seeking information about a silk hereke carpet. Could you please send me an email at
    Thank you in advance
    Best regards

  10. Carpets Melbourne Says:

    hi thanks for sharing

  11. 2010 in review « Says:

    […] Hereke Carpets June 2009 11 comments 3 […]

  12. ivan Says:

    Dear Frau Solveigh Calderin,

    Nice to watch your post. And I noticed you are finding some sales representative over the world, if in coincidence I can send you my CV/Resume to you for your confirmation.


  13. Maria Hill Says:

    Well, All of these carpets are awesome. Hereke Carpets are one of the popular and finest carpet in the world. There are a lot of beautiful carpets which you want. I have also Hereke carpets which is valuable for us.

  14. peter Says:

    i have original silk hereke made around 1920 or 1930

    if i send you the picture
    could you tel me how much it worth?
    if i have you email i can send image to you

    • Solveigh Calderin Says:

      Hello Peter,

      unfortunately it is not possible to appoint the value of your or any other rug just from a picture. That were the same as you would send your foto to a medic in Europe and you would expect that this medic gives you a diagnosis.

      I recommend to ask an expert near you, who is accepted on courts to let build an expertise about the value. I think your Chamber of Commerce would help to find a reliable expert. The costs of such an expertise are legitimated due to the value of your Hereke Silk Carpet.

      My best wishes for you

      Solveigh Calderin

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  18. Lesley Dewar Says:

    Not only are your Turkish carpets extremely beautiful, the fact that you know so much about them means that anyone buying from you is assured that they will be well informed.

    I hope that your business does extremely well and that members of and visitors to will come to see you and your amazing carpets.

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